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Free webinars for translators and interpreters-450There are some great, free webinars available for translators and interpreters, offering food for thought and professional development on a zero budget. Here’s a list of some of the options, including a few that were mentioned in recent discussions in the IAPTI and NZSTI online forums.

eCPD webinars: Quality CPD on a budget

This free webinar is a good introduction to continuing professional development (CPD) and how it can help you to develop your career.

Prof. Mona Baker: Ethics in the Translation/Interpreting Training Curriculum

This video is of Prof. Mona Baker’s keynote lecture in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011. There are a number of other very interesting videos on the Translation Studies Portal, which is managed by Mona Baker and Sofia Malamatidou. Thanks to IAPTI for letting me know about these.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Translators – Customer Service

Judy Jenner presents this SDL webinar, which is free to download once you’ve entered a few details. It focuses on the five habits of highly successful translators and discusses customer service habits in particular.

Conflict and resolution for freelance translators: tricky situations and unreasonable customers

This is another webinar by Judy Jenner for SDL, and is coming up on 25 July 2013. It will look at conflict and resolution, tricky situations and unreasonable customers.

Speaking of Translation recordings

Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay have recorded a series of podcasts and conference calls on topics of interest to freelance translators. These free recordings cover a wide range of subjects, including finding direct clients through industry conferences, translation technology and sabbaticals abroad.

Marta Stelmaszak at Traduemprende – Doing business with translation clients

This is a recording of a presentation by Marta Stelmaszak at the Traduemprende conference on Translation and Entrepreneurship held in Madrid in 2013. Marta’s presentation focuses on how to gain and work with translation clients. Video copyright:

Alexandria Project: Creating the perfect communications plan

This webinar is available for a suggested donation of €5 to the International Childcare Trust. It covers the many marketing communication tools that translators and agencies can use to create a business communications plan.

SDL webinar recordings

SDL offer a variety of recorded webinars on how to use SDL products, as well as webinars on business aspects of translation. There are also a number of SDL Trados Studio Video Guides available on YouTube.

An Introduction to memoQ – Online Training Course

Kilgray provide a 10-lesson online course on the translation functionality in memoQ. This is free if you have a valid memoQ license. They also offer regular webinars on their translation products.

Please note that I do not have a commercial relationship with any of the above companies or individuals.

How about you – can you recommend any free webinars for translators or interpreters? Add your comments below!

By Jayne Fox BSc MITI, German-English translator.
For German-English medical translation – and translation of corporate communications.

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About the author: Jayne Fox is a German-English translator specialising in corporate communications for sci-tech and health care. She works with German and Swiss organisations to help them communicate effectively with international audiences.

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  1. Maryam Abdi

    Great compilation of webinars! I'll definitely have to take a look at some of these.

  2. Stefanie Sendelbach

    These look great. Thank you for sharing, Jayne!

  3. Kari Koonin

    Excellent and useful list of resources, many thanks Jayne.

  4. Kevin Lossner (@GermanENTrans)

    Don't forget all the CATguru videos on YouTube!

  5. Catherine Demaison-Doherty

    Fantastically helpful, thank you so much for this compilation, Jayne.

  6. imcxl8

    I absolutely love webinars! They area great way to expand your skills as a translator, and I personally have learned a lot by taking various webinars offered by SDL,, and ATA. Thanks for the compilation!

  7. Nicole

    Thank you very much for sharing these links with us! I have already watched two of these webinars today.

  8. Jayne Fox

    eCPD webinars have another freebie coming up: "Learn to love your agencies"(August 28th, 2013).

  9. Kathy

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I will share it with my colleagues. I just found your site today. It's wonderful.

  10. EP

    I think I'll be checking your "5 Habits" seminar out. Good luck!

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