Free AutoSuggest dictionaries in lots of language pairs

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Free AutoSuggest dictionaries in lots of language pairsDid you know that there are free AutoSuggest dictionaries that you can download for Trados Studio?

An AutoSuggest dictionary can help you to translate faster in Trados Studio. It contains words and phrases extracted from a translation memory and can provide you with AutoSuggest suggestions while you are typing.

Once you have typed the first few characters of a word, AutoSuggest gives you a list of words in the dictionary that start with those characters. If the word that you need displays, you can select it from the list.

You can create your own AutoSuggest dictionary from a translation memory that has at least 25,000 translation units. If your translation memory does not have this many translation units, you can download one of the free AutoSuggest dictionaries from SDL if there is one available in your language pair:

European Union AutoSuggest dictionaries:

English US > German, English US > Italian, English US > French, English US > Spanish

You can also download AutoSuggest dictionaries shared by users in the following language pairs:

European Union AutoSuggest dictionaries:

English GB > Italian, Italian > German, English > Czech

Other AutoSuggest dictionaries:

English > Portuguese, Portuguese > English

Italian > Czech, German > Czech, Spanish > Czech

Polish > English, English > Polish

English > Swedish, Danish > Swedish

English > Slovak

English (New Zealand) > Korean

By Jayne Fox BSc MITI, German-English translator.
For German-English medical translation – and translation of corporate communications.

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About the author: Jayne Fox is a German-English translator specialising in corporate communications for sci-tech and health care. She works with German and Swiss organisations to help them communicate effectively with international audiences.

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  2. Fernando

    Thanks a lot for the information, Jayne!
    Best regards from Brazil!

  3. Salah

    Hi, thank you for your efforts,
    i have a question or is it a request 😀
    I need The English - Arabic Auto suggest Dictionary, which i can not find it here.
    Would you please give me that help?
    thank you very much.

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