CPD for translators

CPD for translators

Here is a collection of all the blog posts published on Between Translations about continuing professional development for translators.

Chris Durban on translation pricing

Are you unsure about how to price your translation services? Chris Durban shared valuable insights on this topic in her presentation on ‘Pricing issues in translation: is this where you want to be?’. Here’s a round-up of the key points. ...

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CPD for translators: 5 free courses on business skills

Most freelance translators work on commercial texts of some kind – whether through agencies or directly for corporate clients. And as independent professionals, we also run our own businesses.

However, not many translators have had the chance to study business skills and concepts, like marketing, organisational strategy and business analysis. So we may not be quite ...

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CPD for translators: 5 free courses on entrepreneurship

Freelance translators are entrepreneurs. And all translators need to be able to think like their clients. These are two good reasons why learning about entrepreneurship and business growth is an excellent idea for translators working with startups – and translators looking to get ahead.

In a recent survey by the UK Institute of Translation and ...

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CPD for translators: upcoming translation conferences

I just love being a freelance translator. I love the flexibility, creativity and intellectual challenge of translation. But sometimes I miss spending time with my colleagues. Like you, dear reader – I miss spending time with you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few days together to learn from each other, share our enthusiasm and ...

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Online course on ethics for translators and interpreters

Have you ever been given a document to translate and found that it contains material that you find offensive?

Have you ever been asked to “certify” someone else’s translation?

As translators and interpreters, we’re regularly faced with ethical issues and it can sometimes be hard to decide what action to take. Should we aim for ...

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Top 3 tech skills books for translators

I don’t know about you, but I find that being a translator can be quite technically demanding.

Just managing files, applications and backups can be a challenge in itself. I also use a CAT / translation environment tool to keep track of terminology for different clients and ensure consistency across multiple documents and projects.


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